Frequently Asked Questions

Most of our products are created on demand for our clients, customized to client requirements.
However, we do stock some of our SKUs in standard sizes that can be purchased on demand.

This will vary according to the product. Minimums are higher for customized or printed products and lower for standard and unprinted products. 

Paper Bags – Standard minimums are 100 paper bags. Customized and printed minimums are 1000 paper bags.

Boxes – Shipping Boxes and Mailer Boxes are done only on requirement. Minimum of 250 boxes. 

Bubble Wrap – No customization allowed. Minimum 1 50M roll.

Mailers – Poly Mailers and Kraft Mailers (Envelopes) and Kraft Bubble Mailers are done on requirement. While standard Mailers are at a minimum of 100. Customized and Printed Poly Mailers are 2500 pieces and customized and printed Kraft Mailers are 1000 Pieces.

For standard orders we take 7 business days to have the item delivered to your doorstep across Sri Lanka.

For custom orders we usually take 14 business days to complete an order. In terms of specific client requirements which in turn require production internationally will extend this by shipping time based on destination.

We also deliver worldwide and have international shipping. Please write to us to enquire.

Standard product samples can be arranged on request for free. Customized samples will require a sample cost which will be deducted when placing an order. Please write to us with your requirement on the contact us page.